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Structure of Cork City PPN

  • Members are grouped into 3 sectors

    • Cork City PPN is made up of members from 3 broad sectors or ‘Pillars’: Community & Voluntary; Social Inclusion; and Environmental
    • When members join, they select which sector they wish to be a part of
    • Those joining the Environmental sector must first be confirmed as eligible by The Environmental Pillar (www.environmentalpillar.ie)
  • PPN Plenary

    • PPN Plenaries are regularly held (approx. 4 times per year), general meetings of the member organisations
    • The Plenary is the main decision-making body of the PPN
    • All policy, strategy, and operational work of the PPN flows from decisions made by the Plenary
    • The Plenary is where periodic elections are held for Representatives and members of the Secretariat
  • The Secretariat is the organising body of the PPN

    • It consists of 6 representatives that have been elected by the PPN Members at Plenary
    • 2 spaces each are reserved from Community & Voluntary, Social Inclusion, and Environmental Sectors
    • Decisions of the Plenary are implemented by the Secretariat
    • The Secretariat oversees and directs the daily workings of the PPN
  • Linkage Groups are thematic sub-groups of the PPN that correspond directly to Council services

    • They bring together PPN members that have either a remit or an interest in these services
    • Linkage Groups provide a way for the PPN to work effectively to influence policies & decisions made on the Council’s decision-making bodies
  • Representatives

    • The PPN has a number of representatives that have been elected to sit on the various decision making bodies in Cork City Council
    • These elected reps represent the objectives and opinions agreed upon by the Linkage Groups and Plenary
    • They sit on Cork City Council’s Strategic Policy Committees (SPC), Joint Policing Committee (JPC), LCDC (Local Community Development Committee), among others