The Role of the Secretariat

The role of the Secretariat is to facilitate the implementation of any decisions made by the Plenary (which is the decision making body of the PPN). The Secretariat usually meets monthly and co-ordinates the activities of the PPN and ensures its proper functioning.

The Secretariat consists of at least 6 members. As our network grows, the Secretariat will be expanded in order to give the best support possible to the implementation of the work programme. Secretariat members are elected by the PPN and represent, equally, the Social Inclusion, Environmental and Community and Voluntary Sectors.

The Secretariat communicate regularly with all PPN members and endeavour to circulate information concerning all PPN activities as widely as possible. This is done through the PPN’s public website, email correspondence, social media and at regular plenary meetings.

The Secretariat is responsible for managing the PPN Coordinator.

The Secretariat will provide support and training to all representatives on each SPC and will facilitate information sharing between these representatives and PPN member organisations.


The role of the Secretariat is a significant and demanding one, but for our PPN to operate effectively, we need a strong and committed Secretariat.

If you think you would be interesting in getting involved as a Secretariat member, we still have one vacant seat. Get in touch with Martha, PPN Coordinator, to discuss this.