The PPN Secretariat

Siobhán O'Dowd, Social Inclusion
Siobhán O'Dowd, Social InclusionBallyphehane & Togher Community Development Project
Derry O'Farrell, Environment
Derry O'Farrell, EnvironmentCork Environmental Forum
Eoin Nash, Community & Voluntary
Eoin Nash, Community & VoluntaryCope Foundation
Antonio Santos, Social Inclusion
Antonio Santos, Social InclusionAXSChat
Darren McAdam-O’Connell, Environment
Darren McAdam-O’Connell, EnvironmentCork Environmental Forum
Vacant Position

What the Secretariat Does

  • Facilitates the implementation of any decisions made by the Plenary (which is the decision making body of the PPN)

  • Usually meets every 6 weeks to co-ordinate the activities of the PPN and ensures its proper functioning

  • Consists of at least 6 members, although as our network grows, the Secretariat may expand to give the best support possible to the implementation of the work programme

  • Is made up of members that are elected at the PPN Plenary and represent, equally, the Social Inclusion, Environmental, and Community & Voluntary Sectors, with 2 spaces reserved for each sector

  • Communicates regularly with PPN members and endeavours to circulate information concerning PPN activities as widely as possible. This is done through the PPN’s website, email correspondence, social media, and at regular plenary meetings

  • Is responsible for managing the PPN Coordinator

  • Is tasked with providing support and training to all representatives elected to sit on committees as PPN reps

  • Facilitates information sharing between these representatives and PPN member organisations

The role of the Secretariat is a significant and demanding one, but for our PPN to operate effectively, we need a strong and committed Secretariat

We still have one vacant Secretariat seat, so get in touch if you might be interested in joining the Secretariat. Contact Yvonne at 086 142 2747 or for information

Secretariat Meetings

The secretariat meet on a fortnightly basis, and more frequently when required. Meetings occur at City Hall or at the premises of a member organisation

  • A Secretariat member has to attend 80% of meetings
  • If a Secretariat member attends less than 80%, they will be required to forego their seat and an election will be held to replace them
  • Secretariat members are also required to attend Regional and National PPN meetings to facilitate knowledge sharing among the PPN organisations regionally and nationally