What is PPN?

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What is the PPN?

The Public Participation Network provides a new way for the public to engage with the Cork City Council. It is made up of groups and organisations from the community and voluntary, social inclusion and environment sectors across the City. There are currently over 140 members in Cork City PPN.

The PPN ensures that Cork City communities have a say in how local government works. By becoming a member of the PPN, your group / organisation can play a part in making decisions that affect your community.  PPN members are also kept up-to-date with information on Cork City Council’s services, activities and funding.

Role of the PPN

The role of Cork City PPN is to:

  • provide a mechanism for the Council to consult with the public on new plans, strategies, policies, services and other community supports
  • act as a platform for groups/organisations to develop policies and positions on issues of common interest and to advocate for these with the Council
  • facilitate the representation and participation of the public on Council committees (ie: Strategic Policy Committees, Local Community Development Committee, and Joint Policing Committee)
  • strengthen the capacity of groups /organisations to contribute positively to their local community and the wider City
  • provide networking opportunities and act as a hub around which information and ideas is shared

Why should our group get involved?

There are many benefits to joining the PPN, including:

  • be part of a new way for the public to engage with the Local Authority on important plans, strategies and policies
  • take part in elections to select representatives to sit on Local Authority policy-making committees and influence what happens at these committees
  • networking: share information and ideas, learn from other groups / organisations in your area or sector
  • receive information on funding, grants and initiatives which are of interest to local groups, organisations and communities
  • avail of free & low cost support and training
  • create a sense of solidarity and collective action across the City